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Here is a very rare size 8 PARIS BEBE JUMEAU prototype : She was made in 1892

when PARIS BEBE JUMEAU was created, to show how the body was attached with

metal springs, it was the first time that bebe bodies were attached that way, this was the first

one and the only one.

On the pictures below, you can see a size 5 PARIS BEBE JUMEAU and this very rare

size 8 prototype.This very rare PARIS BEBE JUMEAU prototype is available for sale

(accidented on left side face). Please ask for information and price. (Sold)

There is a new ANOUK : SERIE 3 ANOUK is arrived and

welcomed by Anouk one and Caprice !

Congratulations Nav !!! 2017/10/22


Nav Sikand, doll designer, created a new doll made entirely in vintage spirit : Anouk. She is inspired by French dolls from the 1960’s, she is Caprice’s cousin. She looks like the very rare Caprice doll but there are some differences. You can discover Anouk in Nav’s blog and you will find the link on our website “links”page. You will have the possibility to buy Anouk dolls they are in limited edition. (Caprice doll is in the middle of the picture). 2016/09/10


You can meet us this month in ANTIQUITES BROCANTE Magazine !

From our youngest "Fan" !


Marie-Francoise doll 1960's underwears was marked "Marie-Francoise" !

Here above you can see the underwears of the blond Marie-Francoise from

60's which is for sale with her trousseau.

Don't you know that both arms are marked "MF 39" on

first Marie-Francoise dolls from 1960's ?

Here is a very rare first model of celluloid Marie-Francoise doll who

was named "Francette"Here in her very rare original box with tag.

(particular collection - not for sale)

BLEUETTE the collectors favorite

1-Fist BLEUETTE JUMEAU from 1905 2– BLEUETTE with composition head and closed mouth marked UNISFRANCE (MOULE 301) 1  3– BLEUETTE SFBJ 60 8/0 4– BLEUETTE UNIS FRANCE 301 1 ¼. (Only -2- Bleuette with composition head is available for sale)


1-     Nice Bleuette 301 ¼  11 ½ inch (2 in back and 1 on both feet) original GL dress, shoes, socks and VALISERE underwears (taged chemise and pantaloon).

2-     Wonderful Bleuette marked SFBJ 60 8/0 10 ½ inch (2 in back and 1 on both feet) she wears original GL underwears made in cotton and lace from 1926, original white leather shoes and socks.

3-     Wonderful Fleishman Bleuette from 1905 marked 6/0 and 10 ½ inch wit original GL « CRANEMENT » all silk and cachemire outfit from 1932.

4-     The First Bleuette JUMEAU from 1905 marked 2 and 10 ½ inch she wears the « PRIMEVERE » dress from 1916 in swiss dotted muslin with valenciennes lace and another version of the matching bonnet with bue silk ribbons, original Bleuette boot in mint condition with both pompons and marked 2 and « B » and original GL socks. The doll is pictured next to her Gautier Languereau trunk plenty of GL outfits and at the first plan you can see the Christening gown with matching cape and bonnet from 1929. 

1-     First Bleuette JUMEAU wearing « ESPIEGLE » dress in blue version with white leather belt from 1928 (missing hat).

2- Wearing the very nice « BONJOUR » brick  red tartan coat (missing hat) but with « LES FRIMAS » : curly wool fur stole and muff from 1928.

3- Wearing the dress and hand knitted pull-over « SPORTIVE » from 1927 : white cotton dress with pull-over.

4- Wearing an earlier version or « BECASSINE » of Gautier Languereau woolen outfit with matching original GL wooden shoes.  



Looking for your favorite dolls ? Jumeau dolls, Raynal dolls, Bella dolls, antique dolls or '60s Barbie dolls, simply select the matching category, or type in a keyword in the search engine located at the top on the right or in the left column, (one keyword per search) eg: BELLA ( for BELLA related information and items).

IMPORTANT : Clicking on the 1st photo will provide access to up to 4 photos as well as a detailed description of the selected item.

Domestic and International Mail orders: Out of town customers who might not be able to visit our Paris store, can  order by e-mail or mail,
(additional shipping expenses  are based on current French postal rates, no additional costs for handling.)


BELLA créa en 1967 pour le magazine MARIE-FRANCE une poupée très spéciale et très particulière (elle portait un uniforme : celui que portent les hôtesses de Marie-France c’est-à-dire un tailleur vert tilleul avec cravate blanches et chaussures assorties. Certains l’on comparée à la poupée MANY et disent même qu’il s’agit de la seule et même poupée ! Il n’en est rien ! MANY fut également fabriquée par BELLA et vendue dans les Grands magasins comme le Bon Marché mais elle est bien différente.

IL NE FAUT PAS LES CONFONDRE ! MANY n’est pas MARIE-FRANCE et inversement : ce sont deux poupées différentes. Elles ont le même corps, mesurent toutes deux 45 cm, mais les visages sont différents, MARIE-FRANCE est plus souriante et sa tête est plus petite.

Vous pouvez vous faire une opinion précise en regardant les deux poupées photographiées ensemble, les différences sautent aux yeux ! MARIE-FRANCE à gauche porte son uniforme officiel.  



All these following Bebe Jumeau du Bon Marche are no longer available for sell.

They are a very interresting documentation for advanced doll collectors and new colectors too. All these dolls are BEBE JUMEAU du BON MARCHE and all original, and we can recognize their boxes and highly characterized factory presentation chemises with so nice colored embroideries.


They all are JUMEAU mold and JUMEAU made for the first model pictured and from the SFBJ era for the last pictured model.

WONDERFUL BEBE JUMEAU du BON MARCHE Doll in all original condition, in original box, original clothes, original Jumeau shoes, and wonderful original matching silk and velvet hat. Factory BEBE du BON MARCHE presentation chemise in perfect condition with water green embroideries.

Nice BEBE JUMEAU du BON MARCHE model with original factory chemise (red embroideries version).

Another BEBE JUMEAU du BON MARCHE version size 11 and water green embroideries. All original condition in original BEBE du BON MARCHE box.



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LAST UPDATE : 2019/12/02

Please follow on INSTAGRAM our exclusive content :

All our dolls are available on website and visible only on appointment in Paris. (Please call 06 85 62 68 74 or email for an appointment).

Here are our new arrived dolls available now : Wonderful Open mouth BEBE FRANCOIS GAULTIER all original and perfect - Lovely 323 ARMAND MARSEILLE GOOGLIE (26 cm) in perfect and original condition - Beautiful closed mouth size 7 BEBE JUMEAU RECLAME (with very small hairline) all original (Sold) - Two very nice BLEUETTE dolls 6/0 and 8/0 (27 cm) with GL clothes and shoes - Nice bebe PETITCOLLIN with original outfit perfect (Sold) - BELLA CATHIE doll special edition MINT condition - Two very rare KESSY, GEGE DOLLY cousin - GEGE Mily and Jacky dolls MINT in box (both sold)


Here is a rare little incised DEPOSE JUMEAU size 5 (14 inch) in perfect and original condition, available now. (Sold)

Here is a very rare Closed mouth EMILE JUMEAU incised marked DEPOSE JUMEAU size 10 in perfect and orignal condition, available now ! (Reserved)

Here are our august dolls : Rare Closed mouth R8R doll perfect (Sold) - Wonderful Closed mouth STEINER BEBE PHENIX perfect - Beautiful Closed mouth BEBE ETIENNE DENAMUR perfect - Very nice and rare Closed mouth DEP perfect - Wonderful open mouth BEBE LOUVRE perfect - Nice Closed mouth RABERY DELPHIEU perfect (Sold) - Wonderful Closed and open mouth (Sold) BEBE JUMEAU perfect - lovely and nice JUMEAU french fashion doll all original perfect - Lovely BLEUETTE dolls perfect (Sold).

Here are our new dolls : Wonderful and rare BRU JNE R 10 (very small hairline) (Sold) - Cute little size 4 closed mouth JUMEAU (Sold) - two little Bleuette Jumeau type size 1 and 2 (Sold) - Nice open mouth JUMEAU size 9 (hairline) - Beautiful Simon & Halbig all original - some celluloid dolls with rare models like the smiling baby (Sold) - Nice Mode & Travaux Jean-Michel doll with small eyes (Sold) - Very nice Paredes BELLA.

Here is a very rare LOUIS DOLEAC french fashion doll incised marked L Depose 2 D. Original and very nice outfit and necklace. Very light hairline.

Here are some new arrived dolls : Wonderful RAYNAL doll MINT condition (Sold) - RARE and Wonderful EMILE JUMEAU DEPOSE E9J in perfect and all original condition - Beautiful JUMEAU French fashion doll perfect - Very nice open mouth ETIENNE DENAMUR doll all original - Wonderful BARBIE AMERICAN GIRL long hair with Debutant Ball outfit (1966).

Our new arrived dolls : Wonderful Closed mouth BEBE JUMEAU doll in perfect and all original condition MINT in box (Reserved) - Beautiful Closed mouth and rare DEP doll all original and perfect.

Here are our new dolls : Wonderful and rare Jumeau Portrait french fashion doll perfect and all original - VERY RARE Jumeau PARIS BEBE size 6 all original and perfect - Wonderful Closed mouth Jumeau BEBE RECLAME all original and MINT in box perfect - Bella tressy doll, Gege Mily doll, Skipper, all Mint in box -Little Bella Microbe dolls and outfits.

The dolls newly arrived and now available : Rare mark open mouth BEBE JUMEAU doll (hairlines) - WONDERFUL closed mouth BEBE JUMEAU doll size 11 perfect and all original - RARE AND WONDERFUL EMILE JUMEAU BEBE size 8 perfect and all original - Very lovely LENCI doll - HUGE and WONDERFUL open mouth BEBE JUMEAU size 15 perfect - Beautiful open mouth BEBE JUMEAU all original in BOX perfect - Cute little Gaultier french fashion doll (hairline) - Mignonnettes and rare big size (7 inch without hat) SIMON & HALBIG 890 - 3 perfect and all original - GL outfits for BLEUETTE and BAMBINO.

Our new dolls : Huge Open mouth size 15 BEBE JUMEAU in perfect condition  - Nice and lovely closed mouth RABERY DELPHIEU doll perfect and all original - RARE and wonderful 6/0 BLEUETTE from 1905 in perfect and original GL condition - RARE closed mouth BLEUETTE with composition head - BLEUETTE GL clothes - french, canadian and american Barbie like dolls and TWIGGY MINT in BOX.

Here are our new arrived dolls for this week : PETITCOLLIN baby - Nice RAYNAL doll all original - Marie-Claire Italocremona doll - BELLA dolls : Paredes, Cathie - Wonderful closed mouth BEBE JUMEAU RECLAME size 10 all original - Beautiful closed mouth BEBE STEINER Figure A 11 all original - Barbie Swirl and baby GEGE - Lovely and very nice BLEUETTE doll 22 D SFBJ 60 PARIS 6/0 27 cm with GL clothes and shoes - Some BLEUETTE GL outfits including some rare models...

Here are some new dolls available now and please have a look on promotions : GEGE doll all original - Wonderful and huge BEBE EMILE JUMEAU DEPOSE E12J (Sold) - lovely closed mouth BEBE JUMEAU size 7 - Wonderful open mouth ETIENNE DENAMUR doll E10D all original with wonderful outfit (Sold) - Lot of BLEUETTE dolls available now with bisque and with composition head included rare 251 mold composition head perfect - lot of rare BLEUETTE GL outfits - Beautiful BELLA BESIE doll all original.

Here are our new arrived dolls : Wonderful closed mouth incised DEPOSE JUMEAU 13 in perfect original condition 27 1/2 inch (Sold) - Beautiful open mouth FRANCOIS GAULTIER doll 9 FG in perfect condition 22 1/2 inch - Cute little closed mouth SIMON & HALBIG SH5 949 doll 12 1/2 inch perfect (Sold) - Huge and breathtaking closed mouth RABERY DELPHIEU R5D doll 30 1/2 inch (Sold) - very nice rare BELLA CATHIE doll from the first period mint in box (Sold).



Please have a look on our news and promotion !!!

Here are our new dolls : Celluloid dolls - Wonderful french frashion doll attributed to Francois Gaultier with bisque arms perfect - Cute little Steiner figure A5 perfect - all available now.

The dolls are waiting for Christmas ! Here are our new dolls just arrived this week : Nice JULI Italocremona MINT in box - Cute Modes & Travaux MICHEL baby - Wonderful closed mouth RABERY DELPHIEU R1D in perfect condition - BLEUETTE dolls with composition en bisque head perfect and all GL original - Huge and beautiful Closed mouth STEINER Figure A19 in perfect condition - Beautiful Modes & Travaux FRANCOISE doll all original - Nice SNF girl all original in box - Beautiful Raynal baby. 

Three rare dolls just arrived and available now : Rare DEPOSE E8J EMILE JUMEAU all original and perfect (Sold) - Rare and cute character baby POUTY SFBJ 251 size 0 all original and perfect (Reserved) - Rare and beautiful BAMBINO all original perfect (Sold).

Our new dolls now available : Wonderful closed mouth Etienne Denamur all original perfect (Sold) - Huge BEBE JUMEAU 1907 size 14 perfect (Sold) - Lovely closed mouth DEP perfect - Very rare and cute little closed mouth size 1 perfect (Reserved) - Nice and large Limoges doll perfect - Wonderful closed mouth BEBE JUMEAU size 9 all original perfect - Beautiful open mouth BEBE JUMEAU perfect original - Wonderful closed mouth Belton doll perfect - Nice Raynal baby all original.

Here are our new dolls available now : Rare three faces Carl Berger doll all original museum quality doll perfect (Reserved) - Huge Bebe JUMEAU 1907 size 14 perfect and all original - Two lovely BAMBINO babies all original and perfect (Sold) - Wonderful and perfect closed mouth BEBE STEINER Figure A13 all original - Beautiful RAYNAL clothes doll all original (Sold) - Cute RAYNAL baby all original and perfect (Reserved) - some french teddy bears (The biggest sold).

Here are our new arrived dolls : Very rare little size closed mouth STEINER Figure C 5 perfect (except little chip) - Wonderful DEP JUMEAU all original perfect MINT in box - Beautiful open mouth JUMEAU all original perfect and some nice and cute french Teddy bears...



Here are the dolls newly arrived : Nice RAYNAL, LENCI, LENCI type clothes dolls, wonderful closed mouth FRANCOIS GAULTIER doll perfect - Very rare Modes & Travaux FRANCETTE and MICHEL second model - Lovely BAMBINO (Reserved), BLEUETTE Unisfrance 301 1 1/4 and rare 251 BLEUETTE with composition head and very rare GL outfit - Beautiful and all original doll with composition head. Please have a look on Last 50 news !!!

This lovely, very rare and wonderful FRANCETTE from Modes & Travaux is available now on our website.

Our new items for BLEUETTE and family : One lovely BAMBINO incised marked 3 with perfect bisque head and all original with GL clothes (Reserved) - Wonderful 6/0 BLEUETTE doll (hairlines) from 1905 wearring "Grand Chic" a rare GL costume all original - Some GL outfits and very rare "Croisiere" from 1937, Bleuette shoes and accessories...

Some Modes & Travaux dolls : Rare Marie-Francoise from 1960 - celluloid Michel and two celluloid Francoise dolls - Rare first Marie-Francoise doll from 1959 - Marie-Francoise, Michel and Jean-Michel from 1970/80's.

Here are our new dolls just arrived : WONDERFUL RAYNAL dolls (two babies (one reserved), Dominique and Miss Raynal MINT in box (Reserved)) - Beautiful BELLA ELLA black and platinum doll - Big and beautiful Open mouth DEP SIZE 12 perfect.

New dolls just arrived and available now : Wonderful Closed Mouth FRANCOIS GAULTIER doll (Reserved)- Lovely Closed Mouth BEBE JUMEAU dolls size 9, size 6 and rare and cute size 3.

Here are our new dolls : Nice BONOMI - 1079 SIMON & HALBIG doll perfect - Beautiful open mouth DEP size 9 perfect - Wonderful Florence RAYNAL doll MINT in box - Beautiful and RARE open mouth with two raws of teeth RABERY DELPHIEU doll perfect - Rare and lovely CLOSED MOUTH DEP size 8 perfect - RARE and very nice JUMEAU french fashion doll young lady all original perfect - Nice BELLA doll MINT in box - Nice SNF black baby MINT in box - Beautiful turtle doll perfect - Wonderful and high mignonnette doll with trunck and trousseau.

HERE ARE SOME NEW RARES BEAUTIES : Rare and wonderful EMILE JUMEAU doll DEPOSE E9J all original and perfect 19 inch - Rare and beautiful BEBE JUMEAU incised DEPOSE JUMEAU 11 perfect all original 24 inch - Wonderful all original open mouth BEBE JUMEAU with WONDERFUL OUTFIT AND MATCHING HAT MINT IN BOX Perfect - All original perfect nice french fashion doll attributed to GAULTIER with original Wonderful outfit 14 1/2 inch - RARE and so cute EDEN BEBE PARIS 8 SAWAKO Model perfect and all original (Sold).

Some dolls are just arrived in our shop and website : Nice BELLA Paredes and beautiful blackMuguette - Rare and beautiful EDEN BEBE size 9 all original : dress with label, marked Eden Bebe shoes and original box perfect (Sold) - Very nice open mouth Jumeau doll (little hairline) (Sold) - Beautiful DEP all original condition perfect  - Wonderful Rare BLEUETTE 6/0 from 1905 all original - Nice little FG french fashion doll (light hairline) (Sold) - BARBIE American Girl MINT in box perfect - Modes & Travaux Marie-Francoise doll bubble cut style MINT condition (Sold) - BAMBINO and BLEUETTE outfits...some rare costumes.

Here are our new dolls just arrived in our shop and on this website : RAYNAL dolls (Christine, Dominique) - BELLA dolls (Bella Bonomi, Ella, Tressy) - GEGE dolls (Celia mint in box, Dolly, Mily) - Little Jeny doll - Corinne ITALOCREMONA - Cute little DEP perfect - Rare and wonderful closed mouth incised DEPOSE JUMEAU size 11 perfect - Beautiful closed mouth STEINER Fig A15 perfect - Nice BLEUETTE Unisfrance 301 1 1/4 all orginal perfect - Little all composition Jumeau doll mint condition - Huge SFBJ 251 Character baby with todler body perfect - Very nice SFBJ PARIS 11 JUMEAU mold in perfect condition - little FG French fashion doll.

Here are some french fashion dolls : Rare Portrait JUMEAU (all original perfect) - Very Rare character JUMEAU portrait (hairlines) - Wonderful attributed to FRANCOIS GAULTIER (all original perfect) - Beautiful JUMEAU (all original perfect) - Rare Little french fashion doll attributed to BARROIS (all original perfect).


Here are some new arrived dolls : HUGE Open mouth BEBE JUMEAU size 15 in perfect condition 35 INCH - Beautiful Open mouth BEBE JUMEAU DU BON MARCHE in box (missing lid) - Wonderful Closed mouth EMILE DOUILLET in perfect original condition - Lovely BLEUETTE UNISFRANCE 301 1 1/4 perfect all GL original - Lot of BLEUETTE outfits : ATLANTIC, QUEL AFFREUX TEMPS, PASSE PARTOUT, EVASION...

To begin the year here are our new arrived dolls : Rare VENUS clothes doll - Large and beautiful closed mouth FRANCOIS GAULTIER doll with very fine hairline and very large eyes - Huge and wonderful closed mouth STEINER FIG A 19 perfect - Very nice closed mouth STEINER PHENIX doll in perfect condition - Very RARE FRANCETTE Modes & Travaux doll perfect - Rare platinum Tressy doll - Rare BOBBY PETITCOLLIN doll - Some Modes & Travaux dolls : Marie-Francoise and Jean-Michel - Rare CLELIA Snow White clothes doll - SINGER machine MINT in box - Lot of BLEUETTE GL outfits.





Dolls are waiting for Christmas ! Here are our new dolls : Very RARE BELLA MARIE-FRANCE MINT in box, MARIE-FRANCOISE and MICHEL MODES & TRAVAUX dolls, beautiful MINT SHEILA FURGA doll, GEGE MILY MINT in box, RARE little TADIE MUZ, RARE EDEN BEBE MINT in box perfect all original, BELLA RHODOID MINT in box, Beautiful closed mouth BELTON doll all original perfect, WONDERFUL Closed mouth with molded tongue BEBE BRU JNE R size 11 perfect and all original.

Here are our news dolls : Some compositon dolls and babies with painted eyes and glass eyes - Celluloid babies - Nice Gege Mily doll MINT in box - Sebino SINGER doll all original - Marie-francoise Modes & Travaux doll MINT condition - Huge 1907 BEBE JUMEAU doll size 14 perfect - Rare closed mouth BEBE EMILE DOUILLET size 6 with blue spiral threaded eyes perfect - Wonderful closed mouth BEBE JUMEAU size 9 with brown spiral threaded eyes in perfect condition - Beautiful Bella BETSIE doll all original - Lovely SASHA black baby doll all original.

Here are our news dolls just arrived this week : Beautiful open mouth BEBE JUMEAU doll size 10 perfect - Three BLEUETTE dolls : SFBJ 60 8/0, perfect like new BLEUETTE with composition head, Unisfrance 301 1 1/4 all, as usual in our shop, with original GL clothes and shoes - Wonderful closed mouth BEBE JUMEAU size 7 all original and perfect - Wonderful  closed mouth BEBE JUMEAU Fig A 15 perfect and all original - Rare and big closed mouth K&R 117 A with hairline (back head).

Here are our new dolls just arrived in the shop and website : Wonderful Closed Mouth pressed bisque BEBE JULLIEN JNE in perfect original condition - Beautiful open mouth size 8 BEBE JUMEAU all original and perfect - Rare and beautiful open mouth JUMEAU R8R wonderful condition all original perfect - Rare closed mouth and first TETE JUMEAU model with DEPOSE JUMEAU face all original and perfect - Very nice BLEUETTE Unisfrance 301 1 1/4 and "Cranement", "La bonne franquette", "Plein soleil", "Liszt" and so on... - Beautiful size 7 open mouth BEBE JUMEAU all original and perfect - Wonderful size 10 open mouth BEBE JUMEAU du Bon Marche perfect - Nice size 6 SFBJ 301 perfect - VERY RARE RAYNAL baby with painted eyes from 1935. 

New dolls are arrived this week and available on the website and in the shop : PETITCOLLIN dolls Jeanne-d'Arc and Colette - Wonderful BELLA BETSIE doll MINT in box (Reserved) - two beautiful NADINE RAYNAL doll all original - TODD and TUTTI dolls MINT in box - Wonderful open mouth BEBE JUMEAU doll size 11 perfect and all original with original chemise with RARE label MINT in box (Reserved) - Huge and beautiful Open mouth size 13 BEBE JUMEAU in perfect condition - Two nice rhodoid BELLA dolls all original - Rare black BELLA MUGUETTE doll MINT in box (Reserved). 

Here are the new dolls of the week : Beautiful BELLA BETSIE doll - Rare BELLA BONOMI doll MINT in box - Two lovely closed mouth BEBE JUMEAU doll size 4 (Sold) and 5 in perfect condition - Very Rare closed mouth BEBE M 9 in perfect condition (Sold) - Ultra Rare Modes & Travaux FRANCETTE doll perfect - Wonderful Modes & Travaux FRANCOISE (Sold) and little brother cute Modes & Travaux MICHEL baby all perfect.

This perfect lovely Closed mouth BEBE JUMEAU size 5 is just arrived and awailable in the shop and on the website.


Please have a look in Last 50 news !

Here are our new arrived dolls : Huge and Wonderful closed mouth size 12 BEBE JUMEAU doll in perfect original condition - RARE KAMMER & REINHARDT character closed mouth pouty baby 115 A 41 with fully articulated toddler body in perfect condition 16 inch - Very rare ROSETTE Bleuette sister from 1959 in perfect original condition 35 cm - Cute little Fleishman doll 8/0 - Little FURGA Laura - Beautiful all original BELLA rhodoid doll - BAMBINO outfits - Rare FURGA 3 S outfit MINT in box. 

VERY RARE ROSETTE, BLEUETTE SISTER ALL ORIGINAL IN RARE GL BOX WITH ORIGINAL GL PRESENTATION CHEMISE AND WITH HER TROUSSEAU : GL underwears : "Clochette" and "Parure nylon", "Mozart" GL dress, "Beethoven" GL dress, GL socks and GL leather shoes. GL catalogue from 1959-60. Doll in perfect condition like new. Sold

Here are three huge wonderful dolls with little Teddy Bears : Very big and beautiful Kammer & Reinhardt 117 n 76 - 30 inch - in perfect condition Sold - Wonderful and rare FRANCOIS GAULTIER with double raw of teeth in perfect condition 29 inch - Huge and perfect open mouth JUMEAU doll size 14 - 29 1/2 inch.

Some new dolls are arrived this week and awailable on the website and in the shop : Nice open mouth JUMEAU size 8 perfect - WONDERFUL and Rare BEBE LOUVRE JUMEAU size 8 in perfect original condition Sold - lovely little RAYNAL IDEAL baby in perfect original condition - Breathtaking closed mouth BEBE STEINER doll figure A 15 all original and perfect Sold - Beautiful SIMON & HALBIG 1039 walking doll with fully articulated body all original.

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